Meet Rajakatti

Meet Rajakatti
March 2022
Written by Kalie Brooks

Meet Rajakatti, Freedom Fellowships’ new match for India Gospel League’s (IGL) Adopt-a-Village program. Rajakatti is located in the southern state of Karnataka and has a population of about 2,560 families, which includes five nearby villages. The main religion in the village is Hinduism, with a few Muslims and Christians.

Pastor Shankar V. Savadatti currently leads a small church in Rajakatti. The sponsorship will help Pastor Savadatti expand evangelism there and in nearby villages. IGL will also help with training and equipping believers, and setting up a Life Center, a small multipurpose building that hosts church and community activities.

Health care and education are major needs in the area. Medical goals include immunizing children, providing care for mothers and children, and building a medical center for treatment of common diseases.

The village has access to clean water, but it needs better storage facilities. The program will also establish day care, kindergarten, and free tutoring, with the goal of achieving 100% literacy.

Adult skills training, micro loans, and literacy programs, as well as housing and infrastructure projects, are planned to improve living conditions. Local government and church leaders will be trained in administration to support self-governance in the future.

To complete the $75,000 program in five years, Freedom Fellowships needs to raise $1,250 in pledges per month. IGL has received pledges plus financial payment information for $1,161 thus far. We look forward to fully funding the program in five years, or sooner if we exceed the monthly target. Please remember to pray for Pastor Savadatti and the people of Rajakatti.