Book of the Month: The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch

Book of the Month: The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch
December 2021
Written by Kyle McCallum

Have you thought about what screen time is doing to you or your kids? In today's digital world we are surrounded by technology and endless instant entertainment that can rob us and our families of opportunities to relate. In his book "The Tech-Wise Family," author Andy Crouch lays out principles he implemented within his own family to maximize relationship building in the face of the digital age.

He lays out 10 commitments for tech-wise families that he applies in his own family, including the creation of creative spaces in the home free of the distraction of screens, using screens purposefully instead of using them to pass the time aimlessly, and being purposeful about conversation time instead of screen time in the car for example.

As a new father myself, I found the book to be an excellent resource for thinking purposefully about my family’s time together. I began to be more intentional about my use of technology in the home and have limited my use of screens so that my daughters grow up valuing face-to-face relational time over screen time.

The book is free if you subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited service, or you could come to the Study Center and read the copy we have here!