Revamped & Ready for the Next Generation

Revamped & Ready for the Next Generation
December 2021
Written by Elli Rozler

An important part of God's plan throughout the Bible involves passing on the things of God to the next generation. Which is why Freedom Fellowships is pleased to see the ministry for our kids, Oasis, revamped and ready to serve the little children better than ever.

When Freedom Fellowships got a building, one of the biggest changes that happened immediately was that it provided a place for all of the Freedom Fellowships kids to call home. Oasis, Freedom Fellowships’ children’s ministry, has been through a lot of strange circumstances over the years. As more kids came, the leaders had to get really creative with where to put them when there was no building of our own. During Central Teaching times, this would look like Kent State classrooms, college apartments, parks, homes of people close by or the Christian Life Center. Parents would drop their kids off at multiple locations, rush to CT, then rush to go collect them after.

Now, Oasis looks completely different—praise God! With the converted classrooms, the kids and volunteers have their own, safe, fun spaces to look forward to. And parents don’t have to get a workout in to gather their children every Saturday after CT.

The building has not only provided a stable, safer environment for kids, but it has also expanded their ability to learn about God, get encouragement from older believers and encourage new people bringing their kids for the first time.

Danielle Kyle and Ericka Smith have recently revamped the Oasis Ministry (which includes infants to 5th graders). These two have been so hard at work organizing the new rooms, gathering supplies, managing teaching rotations for four classrooms, training volunteers and overseeing the 97 people who volunteer their time to serve the kids in Freedom Fellowships!

Just last month they had a worker’s meeting going over classroom procedures and organizing volunteers to get CPR certified. They have done amazing work, and they aren’t finished. These women have continued to equip volunteers with classroom management and teaching tips. They also hope to incorporate collective music time in the ministry as well as a digital check-in!

Chris Baker also plans on installing a playground in Spring 2022 that the kids can use during warmer weather at CT!

“Our Oasis ministry isn’t just glorified child care ... Our Body of Christ has an amazing opportunity to play a role in discipling our children, especially in those first really influential years,” Danielle said.

“We’re laying the foundation for the next generation of believers! Makes me think of Proverbs 22:6, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he grows older he will not abandon it.’”

Please pray for Oasis: for the children to follow the Lord, for the volunteers who teach kids weekly, for the playground funds and for the future. This is a great start for many kids to come. Parents and future parents are so thankful to have this reliable resource for their children.

If you see Danielle and Ericka, be sure to thank them for their hard work making Oasis a fun place where the next generation can learn about Jesus! And bring your kids and invite your friends with children!