Reaching The Nations Over Coffee & Donuts

Reaching The Nations Over Coffee & Donuts
December 2023
Written by Elli Rozler

Missions Prayer Breakfast is an important ministry of Freedom Fellowships. Every third Saturday of the month, people from every fellowship group come together to pray for the movement of the gospel across the world over breakfast. This ministry not only blesses the mission fields, but it also blesses the people who attend by improving their faith and walks with God.

Todd Muller has been an advocate for Missions Prayer for years, having a great burden for the great commission: Jesus’ command to take the gospel to all the nations.


Todd points to two verses: Isaiah 49:6, which talks about how God’s plan all along was to rescue His people, the Jews, but also bring salvation to the nations through Jesus. Then the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 includes Jesus’ final words to the disciples, reflecting God’s plan and intention for His kingdom to reach all nations.

“We are making disciples in northeast Ohio as we should. But it is my conviction that God has a role for each of us to not only make disciples where we are but also support taking the gospel to all the nations,” said Todd. “At Missions Prayer Breakfast we can do just that – engage in God’s work to take the gospel to every nation.”


First, someone will usually share scripture about God’s burden for missions. Then, updates will be shared about what’s happening in key fields Freedom Fellowships partner with. Then the group will pray for those ministries, sometimes in small groups.

“It’s very edifying and inspiring to step back from just our ministry here and hear about what God is doing throughout the world,” said Todd. “Revelation 5:8-9 talks about how the prayers of the saints are tightly connected with the blood of Jesus being shed for all the nations. When we pray to God, we are participating in his plan and he responds. And we are changed. As we pray, we develop God’s heart for the nations.”

Many people within our fellowship have been greatly encouraged in their personal faith through Missions Prayer Breakfast. Chris Gabele said he likes to attend the meeting every month to hear updates on how God is moving across the world.

“It’s important to pray for what is happening inside the church, but also equally important to be praying for what is going on outside our church,” said Chris.

Lauren Allie said her family has committed to attending this ministry, so they bring their kids every month to get them involved and excited about missions, too!

People who go also gain new perspective on cultures around the world.

“It’s a great reminder that the world (and, in turn, God) is bigger than our everyday lives,” said Tanya Dalton. “It gives me hope for the world. I can get sad about my family, specifically the ones in Japan, because I’m unsure if they’ll come to Christ, but this helps me remember I can keep praying for them and that God hears me and He is working out His good plan.”

Todd likes to take pictures of people gathering to pray, then send them to the various missions and ministry partners to encourage them, letting them know we are praying for them. He said how meaningful it is to them with so many replies of appreciation.

Seeing the group grow has been encouraging to Todd, who previously hoped that the group would one day see enough people come to split into two prayer groups. His hope has come to fruition – last meeting there were six prayer groups!

Fifteen years ago when he started attending, Todd said he would bring his kids who expressed excitement for the donuts. Now, his kids are at the meetings to pray and report on what they are learning about missions. “And now we’ve got a new batch of little kids coming for the donuts,” he said. “I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with them.”


The exciting news on the missions front for Freedom Fellowships is that we’ve committed to adopting a region through IGL (India Gospel League)! Todd said we will rally in prayer support to join in with the saints that are working on the front lines in India from Kent, Ohio. Prayer is most important as they are facing spiritual strongholds and generations against Jesus, and experiencing lives being set free. Join in by praying with these pastors and workers as they do the good work! See the side column to learn more about how you can participate in this amazing opportunity to participate in the Great Commission!

And join us for Missions Prayer Breakfast every third Saturday at the Study Center at 10 a.m. Announcements are posted on a Facebook page for this ministry and reminders on the Freedom Fellowships Facebook page.

Contact Todd Muller for more info or questions about Missions Prayer Breakfast.