Saved Podcast Review

Saved Podcast Review
December 2022
Written by Megan Smalley

“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” - Revelation 12:11

We humans are story-driven people.

Underdog stories, redemption stories, quests, romances, tragedies, comedies. From politics to movies to your own destiny, we want to know what happened and what’s going to happen. No misinformation, no fake news; we want the real story.

The “Saved” podcast does just that: telling the real stories of people in our church and how God has begun a great work in their lives. Listen and hear how God restores broken relationships, provides freedom from addictions, shines light through great hardships, and ultimately builds significance, character and glory into the lives of everyday people who follow Him.

Testimonies of God’s activity in our midst are powerful and encouraging. Many have been brought closer to God by hearing a story of His work in another’s life. Corey Tarter and Amia Muller figured we should share and hear more often about the people whom God’s hands have transformed. They started “Saved” to give opportunities for believers in Jesus to talk about how God has changed their lives since they’ve been “saved” to encourage others with their story and to show God’s glory.

The 30- to 60-minute episodes engage guests in, as Corey describes… An “organic conversation talking about people’s lives from beginning until now, with focus on 'where did Jesus step in?'

He continues: “We like to capture the raw, unfiltered version of the testimonies… What makes our (podcast) unique is that, before you know the Lord, life is nasty, raw. We weren’t Christians. (In the stories,) expect cussing, drug abuse, talk of suicide and sexual and damaged pasts. We leave it up to the person being interviewed how much they want to talk about, but we’re not going to cut out anything that’s very raw.

“At the end of every interview, we ask the same question: ‘what has the Lord saved you from?’ …everyone says “oh yeah I’m saved, I’m saved, I’m saved.” But being saved is not just a status, it’s so much more. Not just about going to heaven. We’ve been rescued from something… I was in this situation, now I’m no longer in that situation… what did you get rescued from?”

You can find “Saved” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever pods are cast. And why not give it a listen during a long car ride to visit family this Christmas season?

If you would like to share what God has saved you from, contact Corey or Amia.