Shake It Up! College Sphere Changes Schedule to Focus on Growth

Shake It Up! College Sphere Changes Schedule to Focus on Growth
April 2023
Written by Kaitlyn Farrance

With the new year came a change in how the Freedom Fellowships College Sphere approached its Central Teaching (CT) meetings. Instead of meeting in the Study Center on Saturday evenings along with the Young Adult and Family Spheres, the College Sphere began meeting on Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. in the Center of Visual Arts Room 165.

It became increasingly clear to switch gears and try a new schedule to engage college students. Many students travel home on the weekends, and the commute to the Study Center proved to be a barrier for some students.

After changing the time, day and location, many more college students have attended CT. This has created more opportunities for fellowship as well as opened the door for students to attend multiple Bible studies each week. Many people make big life decisions while in college, so it's timely for us to reach out to college students with the gospel. It would be amazing to see more college students choosing to base their lives on Christ.

The change in CT time and location for the College Sphere has proven to be useful over the past few months. More students are attending CT to hear the gospel, and that is worth celebrating. We are praying for a spiritual revival on Kent State's campus as well as for continual growth of the College Sphere this year.